The year was 1997.

Bill Clinton started his 2nd term as President.  We found out there was a cloned sheep.  The top 4 tv programs in America were not football related.  The top shows you ask?  They were Seinfeld, ER, Veronica’s Closet, and Friends.  Then, at a measly #5 was Monday Night Football.

In the music world, Toni Braxton was asking us to un-break her heart, The Spice Girls informed us of what it took to be their lover, and Jewel was letting me know that I was meant for her.  Then the movies informed us that Leonardo DiCaprio became king of the world (and subsequently…our hearts), Mike Myers introduced us to Austin Powers, and you may not remember the Men in Black, but I do.  They were nice.

Here’s some of the stuff that happened in the sports world during that magical mystery year.

Here’s some athletes that were born in 1997:

Here are some of the athletes that died in 1997:

News of the Year:


Men’s Golf:

Women’s Golf:

Horse Racing:

United States Triple Crown races:

  1. Kentucky Derby – Silver Charm
  2. Preakness Stakes – Silver Charm
  3. Belmont Stakes – Touch Gold


Grand Slam in tennis men’s results:

  1. Australian Open – Pete Sampras
  2. French Open – Gustavo Kuerten
  3. Wimbledon championships – Pete Sampras
  4. US Open – Patrick Rafter

Grand Slam in tennis women’s results:

  1. Australian Open – Martina Hingis
  2. French Open – Iva Majoli
  3. Wimbledon championships – Martina Hingis
  4. US Open – Martina Hingis

    Martina Hingis and Venus Williams in 1997
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