They say those who can do… and those who can’t coach. Would Tony Romo make a good head coach?

So which one is Tony Romo?

It used to be true that you measured someone’s football IQ by whether they acknowledged Romo was good. Now it’s the inverse. You can measure someone’s football IQ by whether they’re fawning over him as the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

The gentleman in the silver snake skin tie is absolutely correct.

What coach of the Dallas Cowboys over the last 20 years could definitively do a better job than the hypothetical one Tony Romo could do?

High praise for Romo…we all remember how successful of a coach Magic Johnson was.

It’s universal. The guy that was incorrectly called a choker is not incorrectly labeled as a good coach…


Do we have ANY idea of what coaches ACTUALLY do?

Being a coach in the NFL or at any level is not about calling out plays before they happen. It’s impressive and entertaining, but it’s basically a glorified card trick? I mean, we shouldn’t be surprised. Romo was the Cowboys de facto offensive coordinator at QB. Romo’s knowledge of the game and its tendencies could dramatically impact a game while he was playing, but is that something he can do as a coach? What good does it do for Romo to know the play that’s coming :02 before the ball is snapped? Football is a game of organized chaos. The best coaches waid through the chaos. But identifying coverages and predicting plays is only one layer of the chaos.

Coaching is about leadership, it’s about schematics, it’s organization, it’s correctly delegating, it’s literally hundreds of things, some of which you can’t see or observe. The idea that Romo would be a good coach simply because he can observe what is about to happen on a football field is not only insulting to the thousands of hours that go into being a coach, but disingenuous to the reality of coaches.

Being a head coach in the NFL, like many other high profile jobs, is the end result of an insane amount of work. It’s about working your way up the profession, not taking the elevator to the penthouse suite.

All of this is not to say that Romo doesn’t also have these qualities. He absolutely could. I’m just saying you don’t know that. None of us truly do.

Tony Romo is a criminally underrated quarterback, who dragged a moribund franchise as close as he could get it to the finish line time and time again.

Let’s not over correct on this one.

Let’s let the Tony Romo for Head Coach narrative die…and while we’re at it…let’s also let the Tony Romo was in Dak’s ear in 2016 narrative die with it too.

Would Tony Romo be a good coach? I don’t know…but what I do know is that you sound dumb if you act like you do.


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