The World Peeps Eating Championship Was Everything We Dreamed Of.

Wow. Just wow. Think about waking up on Easter (or any day really) and your parents encouraging you to eat every Peep you possibly could AND they’d pay you handsomely to do so. Are you picturing it? Yeah you are. That’s exactly what we experienced today at the World Peep Eating Championships by Major League Eating at The National Harbor in Washington, DC. The crowd was HUGE and energized to see their favorite eaters.

Here are the rules. The contestants would need to eat as many Peeps in 5 minutes to be crowned. Sorry, if anything comes back up, you’d be disqualified. I’m looking at you girl from, The Exorcist.

While you are picturing it, if I had to do it, it would go like this.

It would go something like this….
Minute 1) Greatest day of my life!
Minute 2) How many more are there?
Minute 3) I’m really not feeling so hot.
Minute 4) Well, I imagine this is when the delusions set in
Minute 5) Time to clean the rugs

Right from the start things looked tight, even Joey Chestnut was getting a little worried (below). Have faith Major League Eating fans, while Carmen and several other competitors did put up an incredible run, Matt would rule the day. In world record fashion, no less.

Luckily for our viewers, Matt “Megatoad” Stonie is a legend in the sport and he wasn’t about to be denied his second consecutive championship. Not when $3,500 is on the line. No way and no how.

So how many Peeps did Matt take down in five minutes? 255! That eclipsed his previous world record of 200 set just last year.

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