We’ve got Dirk “Uncle Drewing” NBA All Star weekend, plus the Cowboys can’t decide who to pay first (whisper: hint, it’s not Frodo Beasley) and it’s president’s day so we will commemorate all of America’s presidents, except for history’s wimpiest president William Henry Harrison who died of a cold one month into his first term. This is your Dallas What the Sports flash in 90 seconds.

Dirk Nowitzki dusted off his knee joints and other various weights and pullies he uses to mobe his body and stole the show at this year’s NBA All-star game, going 3 for 3 from the field.

After the game he traded his jersey with a child who have him a coke. That child? Luka Doncic.

The Dallas Cowboys have a reported 46 million dollars in cap space as of this moment, the only question is, how to spend it!

When asked for their opinion, most fans say they think the Cowboys should sign everyone. Also draft a QB, and also tank to get Trevor Lawrence in 2020. Now that may not seem realistic to many of you, but that’s just because you don’t know anything about modern NFL economic theory where the cap, roster limits and reality are totally irrelevant. Proponents of this plan are calling it the Silver and blue New Deal.

And finally on this president’s day, we leave you with this totally real quote from Benjamin Franklin who was absolutely a president.

“The eagle is a stupid bird, screw the Eagles and their hatred of Santa Claus.”

Happy President’s Day everyone!

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