We’ve got the fiercest rivalry of 2012, also the legend Jason Witten gives his opinion on Kellen Moore, and eSports welcomes Dallas to the thunderdome. This is your Dallas what the sports flash in 90 seconds.

The Ricks lost at home in a heated contest… against the heat. Luka almost had a triple double, but the third quarter did the Ricks in when they forgot to score any points.

After the game two old men traded their shirts… and Dallas was reminded that at one point, this was the pinnacle of the NBA.

The Ricks are now 26-31.

Former Cowboy and current life-sized lego man Jason Witten said this week that he likes Kellen Moore according to ESPN’s Todd Archer Witten believes more will “Do what it takes to win.” he also cited the offensive line as one of the Cowboys’ strengths.

Which is good news for a lot of Cowboys fans who were under the impression the offensive line was responsible for giving up 56 sacks this season.

I have no idea what gave them that impression.

And finally, eSports is kicking off the season with a big party.

The Dallas Fuel will be hosting a watch party this friday to open up the season so grab your Doritos and Mountain Dew and head on down to the new facility in Arlington.

FANTOM will be there along with 5000 of our closest teenage friends. (that’s not creepy right?)

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