We are making a move to 10 games over .500.  I can smell it.  Like the pumpkins carved around Halloween, we will get there. With some huge games on the docket for Week 6, lets dive in.  But first, lets check out how we did last week and overall for the season.

Patriots (-10) vs. Colts: Win

Titans (-5.5) @ Bills: Loss

Bengals -6 vs. Dolphins: Win

Ravens (-3) @ Browns: Loss

Chiefs (-3) vs. Jaguars: Win

Broncos (+1) @ Jets: Loss

Falcons (+3.5) @ Steelers: Loss

Panthers (-6) vs. Giants: Loss

Chargers (-5.5) vs. Raiders: Win

Vikings (+3) vs. Eagles: Win

Lions (-1) vs. Packers: Win

Cardinals (+3.5) vs. 49ers: Win

Rams (-7.5) @ Seahawks: Loss

Texans (-3) vs. Cowboys: Push

Saints (-6.5) vs. Redskins: Win

Week 5 Record: 8-6-1/Overall Record: 32-27-1

Now onto Week 6

Chargers (-3) @ Browns: Do not get me wrong, I think what the Browns have done this season is very solid and you can see the team rallying behind Baker Mayfield.  He is about to go off with 5 straight cupcake defenses.  And despite the Browns playing much more solid defensively, I like the Chargers firepower on the road.

Bears (-3.5) @ Dolphins: As much as I love what I am seeing from the Bears under Matt Nagy, that is how disgusting the Dolphins performance has been the last two weeks. Adam Gase coming out and saying Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake are going to split work only adds to the confusion and stupidity going around South Florida.  Gimme Da Bears.

Panthers (+1) @ Redskins: I like the Panthers on the road.  Stronger of two weak offenses, Greg Olsen coming back, Redskins on a short week and not healthy. Panthers to win outright and obviously cover.

Colts (+2) @ Jets: Hooray, the Jets put up some points in defeating the Broncos last weekend! Darnold completed 10 passes and was really Crowell and their defense that made the day.  Something tells me with the extra rest the Colts defense will be healthier and Luck makes enough plays to win this one in Jersey.

Bengals (-1.5) vs. Steelers: The Bengals have been a sound team from the start of the season, while the Steelers have been a hot mess.  The win last week over the Falcons proved nothing, as the Atlanta defense is in shambles.  The Bengals will move the ball at will, with Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd and AJ Green all having huge afternoons.

Falcons (-3) vs. Bucs: Speaking of the Falcons, their inept defense takes on a team that if it was possible, is equally bad. Give me the Falcons simply because they are at home, have more overall talent and if they wish to do ANYTHING this year, this is the week the turnaround begins.

Seahawks (-2.5) vs. Raiders (in London): The Seahawks are the more disciplined team, with the better quarterback, younger running backs and better head coach.  That is the only thing either of these two teams has going for it.  Oh, and with the game in London, the excellent home advantage either team would have in this matchup is gone.

Texans (-10) vs. Bills: Big week coming for Watson, Hopkins and Fuller.  What has happened to Lamar Miller?  The Texans defense gets in the face of Josh Allen all day, as they roll at home.

Vikings (-10) vs. Cardinals: This is going to get ugly for Josh Rosen. Yes the Cardinals won last week against the 49ers, but it was more his defense than anything.  The Vikings see an opportunity to build on their win against the Eagles and carry the momentum in what could be a long afternoon for Arizona.

Rams (-7) @ Broncos: The Broncos will be looking for a new coach very soon. And they should be looking to replace Mr. Elway as well.  The Rams on the other hand are the best team in football.  Yes they only snuck by the Seahawks last week on the road, but with Cooks and Kupp likely to return, this game will not be that close.

Jaguars (-3) @ Cowboys: Who on the Cowboys is going to scare the Jags after they slow down Zeke? Dak? Ha.  Jaguars by 10.

Ravens (-2.5) @ Titans: I do not see the Ravens losing two straight close games on the road.  They will learn from the Browns loss last week and bounce back against the Titans.  The Titans cannot score and thus the game should be a field goal contest one way or another.

Patriots (-3.5) vs. Chiefs: Pats on a long week with three extra days to prepare, with the fresh memory of their opening night loss to the Chiefs from last year.  This is the type of game that every year the Patriots are doubted, yet find a way to win.  Gordon in week 3, Edelman in week 2, watch out for plenty of points in this one.  Just give me the GOAT against the Pup.

Packers (-9.5) vs. 49ers: Would have been a fun matchup if this was Rodgers vs. Jimmy G and not CJ Beathard.  Rodgers rolls here, as the 49ers have no way to keep the pace, especially if Matt Breida misses the game.


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