If you watched all the talking heads before Saturday’s Wild Card Game, you’d think the Cowboys were playing with only nine men on the field. That’s because there’s no shortage of hate for the Dallas Cowboys.

Expert after expert made Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll seem like an unstoppable force destined to win the Super Bowl by 400 points. Why? Both the Seahawks and the Cowboys were 10-6.

Yes, the Seahawks won the week 3 game between these two teams, but that seems like a million years ago. Amari Cooper wasn’t a Cowboys yet and Earl Thomas wasn’t flicking off his teammates after a season ending injury.

Those were very different times.

What makes the Cowboys a great franchise is also what makes them so polarizing. America’s Team. A lot of success. International recognition. Not without it’s down periods.

Every week. Same thing. Cowboys wont win. Dak can’t play. Amari Cooper is a question mark. You think it would be enough by now.

Exactly what we’ve been saying! Watch the tape. Hear Ari Temkin predict a win on the Friday before Saturday’s game.

Just another reason to watch SHOW TIME w/Ari Temkin every week day from 12-1PM CT. At The CENTER of SPORTS talk in Dallas.

Lets now look towards the Rams this weekend. Effectively a home game for the Cowboys as they’ve been training in Oxnard, California just down the road for the last twenty years. Cowboys Nation will be WELL represented.

Yes. That guy. Yes.

FinishTheFight GoCowboys!

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