Speaking of flatulence…the New York Jets! With Sam Darnold on the shelf with mono, Trevor Siemian was thrust into the starting line-up, and then the Browns thrust themselves upon him. Simian is tough. How he managed to live following this injury is hard to believe. The Jets looked like they were poised for a big season in 2019, then Sam Darnold got mono and they’re back to being the Jets we all know and make fun of.

Odell Beckham, Junior was back to his old ways at his old stomping grounds on Monday Night Football. Beckham had a slick one-handed catch and then a long touchdown that was partially aided by the play (or lack thereof) of Jets safety Marcus Maye. Let’s just say Maye’s angle on the Beckham touchdown catch was not exactly game film to teach kids how to play the position. On the plus side, at least I managed to look up his name and not just refer to him as #20.

Antonio Brown farted in front of his doctor. I don’t know why this is a relevant story, but it is. Somehow this has been used as a reason for why he’s allegedly a rapist based on recent accusations…I don’t think Antonio Brown farting in front of his doctor makes him a rapist, I simply think it means he’s human.

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