If you are surprised about the approach the Dallas Cowboys are taking in free agency, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Everyone wanted Jerry Jones the GM to give up being the General Manager and hire a football guy. So he did. He hired Bill Parcells and wanted his son Stephen to learn at the feet of the master. So he did. This is the byproduct. The Dallas Cowboys now use all of their resources with personnel on the draft, and then spend sparingly on low risk type acquisitions in free agency. It might not be the way you want them to spend, given that they haven’t had a Super Bowl in nearly two and a half decades, but the truth of the matter is they have a very talented roster. It’s not roster talent that is holding them back.

Parcells is gone, but the fabric remains. If we were expecting the Cowboys to do something they basically haven’t done in two decades, we’re kidding ourselves.

The Dallas cowboys are no longer paying for old players and past performance. They are going to use the money they have to retain their own players and make small bets on guys that can outperform their contracts. Parcells wanted hungry players that signed below market value. He wanted motivated players. That’s exactly the approach the Cowboys are taking.


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