Am I responsible for the sinking ship that is the Los Angeles Chargers? I wrote about how ridiculously over-hyped and overblown they are rolling into the 2018 season as the “team to beat” in the AFC West. I really didn’t try to cast a horrible spell on them, I just wanted to point out that they might be a touch overrated. But here we are.

The Chargers Are (Allegedly) the Team to Beat in the AFC West

This morning, the team that already lost their star tight end before the first snap of training camp is down another key piece: cornerback Jason Verrett. Verrett, who’s missed most of the last two years with injuries tore his achilles during a conditioning test. Fucking yikes.

I’m not one for schaudenfreude (or most German words), especially because I blame the media for the Chargers’ annual ball-gargling rather than the Chargers themselves, but one simply cannot ignore the fact that the more smoke they get blown up their ass every year, the more they turn into a dumpster fire.

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The Greeks believed in a little thing called hubris, which can be defined as “excessive pride or defiance to the gods, leading to nemesis.” It appears nemesis has arrived in the form of the Chargers’ paper mache ligaments.

It might be time to take a trip under the radar for the Chargers. You can’t under-achieve if the bar is set low enough to scrape the turf.

So, dear media, I’m blaming this on you. Maybe if you wouldn’t hype up a perennially mediocre squad, then the gods wouldn’t have to keep injuring all these innocent Chargers.

This is a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2013, and still they get touted as up-and-comers every single season. But as we know, the only one upping and coming is the quarterback, who may be the only Charger impervious to injury, having played every game since 2006.

How many more Chargers have to go down before someone realizes they need to cool down on the hype. This team is going to end up like the Springfield Power Plant softball team. Nine separate misfortunes? I’d like to see that!



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