The 12 Best Picks from the 2008 NFL Draft

17The 12 Best Picks from the 2008 NFL Draft

The first round of this draft yielded just 11 Pro-Bowlers. This draft is should be considered to be one of the weakest ever or at least top 5. The top list seems pretty legit. I still feel like I had to dig for it and even make some exceptions. Let’s take a look a some of the best players that came from the 2008 draft class.
I don’t want to insult your intelligence, but if you can’t guess who #1 on my list is I’ll give you a hint. The first names from #2 and #3 equal the first and last name of #1. If you don’t like the order that’s too bad, but you can still let us know what you think. Is the order wrong? Is there a player missing? Should there be honorable mentions?
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