You can only imagine what’s going through LeBron’s head moments after the NBA Finals came to a conclusion. What’s the meaning of life? What more could I have done? And, how fucking fast can I get out of Cleveland?

Despite the amazing play by LeBron, more than worthy of MVP consideration, though it somehow went to Durant (he deserved it too), Thanos will eventually lose to the Avengers. See what I’m saying? It was a no-win situation.

Within minutes of the Golden State Warriors winning their 3rd championship in 4 years, the LeBron sweepstakes began.





No word on whether or not Embiid used a burner account to disagree with his own tweet. Could Philly be a good landing spot? They have a great young core, do they want to mess with it?

What I find hilarious about this tweet, beyond the fact that Enes Kanter and LeBron James seemingly hate each other, is that for LeBron to come, the Knicks would have to get rid of Kanter for the cap room.

It’s kind of like when Manny Ramirez told A-Rod, I’d love to have play with you in Boston when the proposed trade was FOR each other.

The Knicks are a terrible team and a terrible franchise. Saddled with debt, playing for Phil Jacksons ghost, and Porzingas can’t seem to make it more than 50% of the games.

We will put this rumor to rest.

Maybe this one has some legs. With Kawhi (questionable), LaMarcus, and LeBron’s love of Pop, could it be?

It wouldn’t have the upsides of playing in LA. However that team would be formidable.

Wherever LeBron goes they’ll be considered among the top 2 teams in the league. Will it be enough to surpass the all-mighty Golden State Warriors? If MJ can beat the Monstars with Bugs Bunny, I’d imagine LeBron can find a way.

You’ll notice absolutely no one seems to think he’s staying in Cleveland.

What do you think? Where will LeBron play next year?

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