Is Dak Prescott worth top 5 money? That would mean about $25 million per season or roughly 15% of the salary cap. That’s definitely a lot.

Either way TJ Carpenter agrees with you.

TJ – We’re going to discuss To Pay or Not to Pay.. Dak Prescott, that is the Cowboys’ question.

TJ2 – Pay. Pay… I’ve got notes. Here! This one proves that he’s the best quarterback in the league if you remove all QBs who’ve played in the league longer than three seasons and also all the ones who have been given unfair coaching advantages… pfshhh it’s indisputable. This note just says buy Campbell’s chunky soup… This note I have compiled a list of all the quarterbacks who have the unfair advantage of being Aaron Rodgers.

You ever see Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers in the same place? ME EITHER. It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

TJ – Thanks Glenn Beck, I guess there’s no need to even have this conversation then. I guess I shouldn’t point out that he’s between 16th and 18th in a ton of shit, like that, that, that, that and that. (Total QBR 17, Raw QBR 16, Points added 16, QB index 18, TDs 16, yds/g 22, I’m too lazy to memorize all of it, but you get the point. Although, he was second in one thing… sacks(56) Why would you pay him top 5 money, when he is at best a mid-tier QB in this league. And he’s behind all your Aaron Rodgers clones too… Brain Clone? That’s a stupid thing to say.

TJ2 – yeah but you know that Ciara admin approval is some real shit.

TJ – well we are in agreement there.

TJ2 – also, you gotta take more sacks to avoid throwing the picks… it’s the Alex Smith quotient… ever heard of it???

TJ – no, no I have not.

TJ2 – You take the number of yards lost times the number of games won, divided by the number of interceptions SAVED, you call them sacks, I call them by their rightful name… interceptions saved, take the theta of the number of field goal drives… yes, that’s right Dak Prescott gets his tax money off of those field goal drives… and you have it! Justification for paying Dak Prescott 25 mil a year.

TJ – Just stop, do you know anything about math?

TJ2 – Well I ad “adj” to the beginnings of a lot of words if that tells you anything.

TJ – it does not.

TJ2 – Lets just say I’m adding little letters to the beginnings of fully capitalized acronyms. You know what that means? It means I’ve got enough ammunition to hold up on this position for at least two offseasons.

TJ – So you’re basically doomsday prepping for Dakpocalypse 2020.

TJ2 – That’s right.

TJ – Ask yourself this question: What do you want? What’s best for Dallas or what’s best of Dak? If you want what’s best for Dallas, kick this can down the road. You’ve got 51 million dollars in cap space and DeMarcus Lawrence to pay. Draft a QB, and give Dak a “prove it” year. Either that or lower your asking price. If 25 mil is what you’d pay a top 5 quarterback like lets say Patrick Mahomes… who is basically the SpaceX of quarterbacks, I’d say Dak is more like a Honda Civic. Solid car, good gas mileage, sorority girls love him, and guaranteed to get sacked 4 times a game.

TJ2 – Well I can eat Campbell’s chunky soup in a civic. Try doing that in a Tesla, the car will kick you out for not being Vegan.

TJ – Tesla’s do not kick you out of the car for eating meat. That’s not a real thing that doesn’t happen.

TJ2 – Dak is a RED MEAT EATER. He’s a grown ass man. Pay that grown ass man Jerry! If you’ve got a quarter of a billion dollars to spend on a sea mansion…. You can pay the greatest player in the history of the league… named Dakota.

TJ – Okay well, there’s no need to do that right now, and it will create massive salary cap problems. Did you see what Denver did? They traded for Joe Flacco and almost started a riot. And not one of these new riots… I’m talking old school riot, like that time Cleveland tore it’s own stadium apart. There is no way to pay Dak Prescott and there’s no need to pay Dak Prescott, he’s still got another year on his deal.

TJ2 – I’ve got two words for you: Cayman Island Bank account. You think Brady is actually playing on that team friendly deal? No! Robert Kraft is funneling him so much tax free money it’ll make your head spin. Pay Dak under the table. We know how much Jerry likes things under the table.

TJ – Ok, well other than violating league policy and not to mention several federal laws… that could work. But other than that, it’s a bad idea. Don’t pay Dak Prescott.

Pay or Not to Pay?

TJ2 – and I say DO pay Dak Prescott. Even if you have to skirt the law. This is Texas… I mean what even is a law.. Am i right?

TJ – That was Take vs Taek. Tell us what you think. Should the Cowboys pay Dak Prescott or not? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to like the Fantom page for other enlightening discussions like this!

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