After Jason Garrett publicly stated this week that there would be, “no foreseeable changes” to his staff, presumably including the embattled offensive coordinator, we now know that Scott Linehan was fired today. Is he the symptom or the problem?

Cowboys fans didn’t wait long to share their enthusiasm for the decision.


It’s important to note that Scott Linehan, who has been with the team since 2014, oversaw 3 rushing titles. 2 with Zeke (2016 & 2018) and 1 with DeMarco Murray (2014). Known as an OC who likes to throw the ball, he became what Jason Garrett asked him to be, a run-first OC.

Conservative play caller, yes. Definitely. However, it wasn’t the offense that let the team down against the rams in the NFC Divisional round. You’d have to chat with Rod Marinelli about that.

Who the next offensive coordinator is we will now begin to speculate, whether or not Linehan was the symptom or the problem, that we know the answer to.

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