Kevin Durant. Nailed it. It’s not the first nor the last time you’ll hear that. Chris Manning has the full download after the 118-113 loss by the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Golden State Warriors.

Cleveland fans truly thought this would be the turning point. Back at home, in front of their fans, a bit more rest then they’ve had throughout the playoffs. Down 2-0, it was now or never.

LeBron James was spectacular, so too was Kyrie Irving. They played their best game and it wasn’t enough. The addition of Durant to Golden State was precisely the reason they added him in the off season. Having been one win away last year, it’s clear they are now an overpowering force. Making this the least climactic NBA Finals in recent memory.

It’s amazing that a team that already featured Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, adding Kevin Durant was the most expensive one game difference maker in the history of the league, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Coming into Game 4 on Friday, it seems inevitable that the Warriors will come away with the title. Will it be in game 4 or will they wait til they return to Oracle Arena in Oakland and finish it at home. Beyond that, there isn’t much more I think anyone wants to see from this series.

You do have to give LeBron credit. 8 straight finals with 2 different teams. Incredible.

Is there a way to beat Golden State next year? How do you build a team that can beat them? What’s your take? Comment below!

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