Randy Gregory has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for violating the Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse and the terms of his conditional reinstatement.

We can have a reasonable discussion about the merits of marijuana offenses still being penalized by the NFL. I acknowledge it is patently absurd that the NFL encourages the use of opioids, despite the fact that it’s the number one killer in terms of drug use by Americans, over marijuana. However, Randy Gregory agreed to the terms of his reinstatement, he knew what he was getting himself into and therefore has to live with the consequences.

Regardless of how you feel about the circumstances, it sucks for Randy Gregory. Here’s a guy who changed his life, he was dealing with his demons, but it appears as though his habits and addiction have once again gotten in the way of his ability to be a productive player in the NFL.

As for the Cowboys, pass rusher is always a need, but now it becomes a glaring one. The Cowboys have the perfect bookends at defensive end after the break-out campaign from Gregory in 2018. Now they have to go back to the drawing board in order to figure out how to shore up the side opposite DeMarcus Lawrence.


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