Predicting the Most Likely to Succeed From the 2018 NFL Draft: Pt. 2


12. This is the continued adventures of figuring out and disclosing the future pro bowlers and successful players that will come from the 2018 NFL Draft.  If you haven’t read the first part of this series where I ranked the top 12 most likely to succeed, check that out here.

This list will be my precisely calculated selections 13 though 23 who will become some of the best players in the NFL…or not.  We’re all just guessing anyway right?

Reminder:  How my math works:  Games Played + Bonus points = Total.

Totals are applied to the selection number, not the player, and that is how I deduced which players would be most successful in the NFL.

I looked at the draft classes from 2000 though 2015.  I narrowed my selection of players down to the first 100 picked from each year looking for the Pro Bowl players.  Then I arranged each class by the top 100 in most to least games played.  From that group I looking for players of the first 100 selected. Not every player selected within the first 100 picks ends up in the group for the most games played.

Here are the bonus points and why they are added:

  • If a player was in the top 100 for games played = +2 bonus points.
  • If a player was a Pro Bowler = +5 points.
  • If a player was in the top 100 for games played & a Pro Bowler = +10 Points.

May the odds ever be in my favor.