Most Popular NFL Jersey in All 50 States

When trying to understand fandom, we decided to use the NFL Shops data to find the most popular selling jersey in each state.

We learned a lot. Some players won in places we can’t really explain. There are 18 players on the list of them 3 rookies and 8 quarterbacks. Several jersey even cracked the top 10 nationally without owning a single state. They include Derek Carr, Khalil Mack, and Antonio Brown.

So who made the list? Who surprises you most?

Alabama – Tom Brady

Alaska – Marshawn Lynch

Arizona – Larry Fitzgerald

Arkansas – Dak Prescott

California – Marshawn Lynch

Colorado – Von Miller

Connecticut – Tom Brady

Delaware – Carson Wentz

Florida – Tom Brady

Georgia – Julio Jones

Hawaii – Tom Brady

Idaho – Marshawn Lynch

Illinois – Tom Brady

Indiana – Tom Brady

Iowa – Dak Prescott

Kansas – Eric Berry

Kentucky – Dak Prescott

Louisiana – Drew Brees

Maine – Tom Brady

Maryland – Dak Prescott

Massachusetts – Tom Brady

Michigan – Matthew Stafford

Minnesota – Harrison Smith

Mississippi – Dak Prescott

Missouri – Eric Berry

Montana – Tom Brady

Nebraska – Dak Prescott

Nevada – Marshawn Lynch

New Hampshire – Tom Brady

New Jersey – Odell Beckham Jr.

New Mexico – Tom Brady

New York – Odell Beckham Jr.

North Carolina – Christian McCaffrey

North Dakota – Carson Wentz

Ohio – Ezekiel Elliott

Oklahoma – Dak Prescott

Oregon – Marshawn Lynch

Pennsylvania – James Conner

Rhode Island – Tom Brady

South Carolina – Deshaun Watson

South Dakota – Harrison Smith

Tennessee – Marcus Mariota

Texas – Dak Prescott

Utah – Marshawn Lynch

Vermont – Tom Brady

Virginia – Dak Prescott

Washington – Marshawn Lynch

West Virginia – Tom Brady

Wisconsin – Aaron Rodgers

Wyoming – Von Miller

Which one surprises you most?

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