When trying to understand fandom, we decided to use the NFL Shops data to find the most popular selling jersey in each state.

We learned a lot. Some players won in places we can’t really explain. There are 18 players on the list of them 3 rookies and 8 quarterbacks. Several jersey even cracked the top 10 nationally without owning a single state. They include Derek Carr, Khalil Mack, and Antonio Brown.

So who made the list? Who surprises you most?

Alabama – Tom Brady

Alaska – Marshawn Lynch

Arizona – Larry Fitzgerald

Arkansas – Dak Prescott

California – Marshawn Lynch

Colorado – Von Miller

Connecticut – Tom Brady

Delaware – Carson Wentz

Florida – Tom Brady

Georgia – Julio Jones

Hawaii – Tom Brady

Idaho – Marshawn Lynch

Illinois – Tom Brady

Indiana – Tom Brady

Iowa – Dak Prescott

Kansas – Eric Berry

Kentucky – Dak Prescott

Louisiana – Drew Brees

Maine – Tom Brady

Maryland – Dak Prescott

Massachusetts – Tom Brady

Michigan – Matthew Stafford

Minnesota – Harrison Smith

Mississippi – Dak Prescott

Missouri – Eric Berry

Montana – Tom Brady

Nebraska – Dak Prescott

Nevada – Marshawn Lynch

New Hampshire – Tom Brady

New Jersey – Odell Beckham Jr.

New Mexico – Tom Brady

New York – Odell Beckham Jr.

North Carolina – Christian McCaffrey

North Dakota – Carson Wentz

Ohio – Ezekiel Elliott

Oklahoma – Dak Prescott

Oregon – Marshawn Lynch

Pennsylvania – James Conner

Rhode Island – Tom Brady

South Carolina – Deshaun Watson

South Dakota – Harrison Smith

Tennessee – Marcus Mariota

Texas – Dak Prescott

Utah – Marshawn Lynch

Vermont – Tom Brady

Virginia – Dak Prescott

Washington – Marshawn Lynch

West Virginia – Tom Brady

Wisconsin – Aaron Rodgers

Wyoming – Von Miller

Which one surprises you most?

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