There is no 100% accurate way to predict the winner of an NFL game. You can look at the team’s statistics, who has the best defense, or who has the best Quarterback, but the last 20+ years of watching games has taught me that you really don’t ever know. Well, except that the Jets will probably blow the game and don’t ever bet against Tom Brady. But, I digress. As the NFL playoffs kickoff today, here is my fool-proof guide to pick the winner. The best jerseys.

How did they do?

12. The Philadelphia Eagles. Looks a little like a motorcycle gang got together and created the jerseys. Plus, I am from NY. No one likes an Eagles fan up here.

11. The Pittsburgh Steelers. I am partial to the hype song “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifabut the two colors looks like a bumblebee. And no one likes those.

10. The Kansas City Chiefs. Looks like a giant red stop-sign. Too bright.

9. The Los Angeles Rams. Way to rip off the University of Michigan. LA come on, you’re more original than that.

8. The Minnesota Vikings. Just a terrible color combination. New Yorkers prefer muted black.

7. The Atlanta Falcons. Mostly dislike this because Roddy White was on my Fantasy Football team. Enough said.

6. The Tennessee Titans. Reminds me of the UNC jersey, and that’s a good thing, except this one is too much blue. But I do love a good navy.

5. The Carolina Panthers. Now we’re into the I kind of like this territory. Black and turquoise is pretty high on my “what to wear together” list.

4.  The Jacksonville Jaguars. Who doesn’t like a Jaguar (car, print, or the animal)?

3.  The Buffalo Bills. NY represent (what a season NY Jets and NY Giants)

2. The New Orleans Saints. I have a special place for a Fleur De Lis in my heart.

1. The New England Patriots. It’s America in a Jersey. Plus, we know Tom Brady will win (or find a way to).

How do you think they did?

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