Every off season has its own special story lines, this off season is no different. There are a lot of ideas and opinions about where Kirk Cousins is going to land and what the Cleveland Browns will do with two of the first four picks in the draft. I mean just look at all of those quarterbacks.

The main questions for the New York Giants are these: What are they going to do with Eli Manning, will they really spend that much money on Kirk Cousins, and what the heck will they do with that second pick of the draft?

To these I say: keep Eli, sign Cousins, and get yourself a freaking running back.


If for no other reason than to let Eli retire as a Giant, keeping him around is a good idea. It’s the honorable thing to do for a player who has done so much for the franchise. He has brought two Super Bowl titles to New York and many fans still admire him. That being said, has he always been a top tier quarterback?

No. Never. Never, ever. Never, ever, ever.

Now, how will keeping Eli and signing Kirk Cousins be a good idea for the Giants. Well, as long as Eli is willing to be a back up, then it will all work out. Eli knows how to deal with the New York media, how to beat the Cowboys and Patriots, knows his career is nearly over, and has a history of living in his brother’s shadow.

There is a new head coach and a new offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach this year. So, bringing in Cousins won’t hurt anything because everyone will be learning together; there’s a new system, new play calling, and an overall new method on how to get things done. The goals will be the same: win, beat the Cowboys, and get to the playoffs.

Then the New York media, and really everyone else in New York, will be the kid holding a magnifying glass over an ant-like Kirk Cousins. There’s no stopping that. Sooner or later Cousins will realize that New York is not Washington, in that there will be more pressure to please everyone. Eli is an expert in having to deal with such things. Cousins will, presumably, have an adjusting period, or may never adjust and fade under the bright lights of East Rutherford.

All that needs to happen is Giants spend some dough, lots and lots of dough, to get Kirk Cousins into a Giants uniform. The estimated amount that Cousins will be getting is anywhere from $25-30 million per year. Put that into perspective, Eli’s salary for 2018 will be a measly $16 million.

The notion of paying a quarterback who has never played in a Super Bowl or the playoffs more than $20 million sounds absurd. Which in reality it is. If he can get a team desperate enough to pay that much for him, then more power to him. Besides, Eli Manning here’s a list of quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl over the past 10 years along with their 2018 salaries:

Aaron Rodgers – $20.56 million
Peyton Manning – $19 million (2015 salary)
Ben Roethlisberger – $17 million
Russell Wilson – $15.5 million
Tom Brady – $15 million
Joe Flacco – $12 million
Nick Foles – $7 million

So even as a back up Eli would be getting paid a rather steep price. The price doesn’t look too bad if you consider Eli’s experience, leadership and familiarity with the team. Keeping Eli around is just good business and not that bad of an insurance policy either.

Also, I know what you’re thinking—the Giants don’t have the cap space to make both work. Well I have simple solution. Just cut Brandon Marshall’s dead weight, and dead hands, and that would free up enough space to offer Cousins the contract he’s looking for.

So, the Giants have the second pick in this year draft. A reality does exist that they draft a quarterback, but what if they sign Cousins to a four or six year deal? How will that deal affect their draft picks? They could easibly draft a QB and no one would blink. The idea of building for the future is not a new idea, but if you have a reliable QB, why not wait four-six years and draft a QB then.

The Giants would be better off to sign Cousins and use that 2nd pick in the draft on someone more logical like…

Saquon Barkley.

The Giants are in need of quarterbacks, but a better use for that pick would be a running back. The Giants ranked 26th in the league for rushing yards per game. Which is even more pathetic considering the Giants only had six rushing touchdowns.

When teams played the Giants, every defense knew what was going to happen. Even the Giants knew what their strength was. For the time being, it was the passing game. Defenses knew the Giants were a pass first, ask questions later kind of team.

REJOICE GIANTS FANS!! I bring you good news. Saquon Barkley is going pro and, as sure as I write these words, he would look mighty good in ‘Giants Blue’.

Barkley collected 1,271 yards, while averaging 5.9 yards per carry, and amassed 18 touchdowns on the ground. Through the air, he had 632 yards from 54 receptions and three touchdowns. Yes, it’s hard to say how he will transition to the NFL, but that’s the risk with any prospect. Ideally, there is no where else for the Giants to go this year but up.

In the end, the Giants sign Cousins to a deal. They draft Barkley. They get a NFC wild card spot. They win the Super Bowl. Easy peasy.
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