What did we learn from The Queen’s Justice?

The Nerd it Up Podcast broke it down after Sunday’s Episode 3 of Season 7.


Here are the highlights:

  • Another week of chronicling Jon and Daenerys’ fast approaching coital sessions with IncestWatch 2017 and then they argue like petulant kids.
  • Sansa hasn’t ruined Winterfell yet but met up with a now weirdly Shell shocked Bran who has lifeless eyes. Now we all hate Bran even more.
  • Cersei is as evil as evil comes and her speech to Allaria Sand was pretty nasty
  • We agreed Euron is possibly the best villain the show has ever seen. He’s an evil version of Bronn and had the episode’s best lines.
  • Littlefinger still wants in Sansa’s Moon Door
  • Josh says Arya will show up at Winterfell and kill Littlefinger but Stefen doesn’t think she’ll make it there

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