Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED use. The New England Patriots wide receiver is appealing the suspension which means the NFL & Roger Goodell could reduce the suspension or remove it since this was his first violation. Tom Brady was suspended the first 4 games of the 2016 season and the Patriots won the Super Bowl that year.

Adam Schefter first reported the suspension news on twitter today. Edelman denies using PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) and is why he is appealing the league ruling. Edelman last played in the regular season against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 52. He tore his ACL in the preseason last year and has been recovering from that injury. I will not confirm or deny that Edleman got his PEDs knowingly or unknowingly from using TB12 (Tom Brady) supplements, or even the JE11 performance Burgers. Between the rumors that Rob Gronkowski would retire, Tom Brady not showing up for the first week of OTA’s and Bill Belichick still hating everyone it has been an eventful offseason for the SB losers. Not deflategate eventful, but plenty of news to digest.

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