Just two days after Super Bowl 52 concluded between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, things are getting busy as the calendar year winds down for the NFL. Bill Belichick will be without his two top coordinators as Josh McDaniels officially accepted the head coaching job with the Indianapolis Colts, and then decided to stay with the Patriots because he is the world’s biggest football jerk, and Matt Patricia took the same job with the Detroit Lions. What Matt & Josh do with their new quarterbacks, Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford will be interesting to watch.

In other football news Tight End Rob Gronkowski’s home was burglarized while he was away for the Super Bowl. Apparently some guns and a few safes were stolen from his house. Carson Wentz proposed to his longtime friend after he watched Nick Foles take away everything else in his life. Maybe next year Wentz will be a married man and SB MVP? That’s Good Sports discusses all this, and explains why McDaniels has a better chance for success than Matty P.

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