NFL Owners Discuss Terminating Goodell Extension, Jerry Jones Spearheading Movement

17 NFL owners participated in a conference call to “discuss the possibility of halting commissioner Roger Goodell’s pending contract extension”, with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said to be spearheading the movement. Jones is among a subset of league owners (Kraft, Blank) who feel the commissioner should take the fall for “the Los Angeles situation”, “the Ray Rice situation”, declining television ratings and player protests that have plagued this season. As one owner said, “you don’t get to have this many messes over the years.” Despite Jones’ pleas, it is expected that the commissioner’s 5-year extension, through the ’24 season, will be approved as planned. Goodell’s current contract is scheduled to expire at the end of the 2018 season.


Howie Long-Short: Goodell has grown revenues by over 300% (to $15 billion) since taking over in 2006. Yet, he remains grossly overpaid. Between 2006-2015, Goodell made $212 million; more than every athlete, besides A-Rod and Kobe Bryant, during that time. Goodell made $34 million in 2015, the last year that the league maintained a tax-exempt status that required his salary be made public. Only 16 Fortune 500 CEOs earned that much in 2016 compensation! At a minimum, those opposing Goodell’s extension should push for his compensation to be rolled-back.


Fan Marino: It’s not a coincidence that the owners who want Goodell out, are those who perceive their teams have been slighted by the league office. Jones is upset about the 6-game suspension imposed on RB Ezekiel Elliott. He can argue punishment from the league office has been inconsistent, but a yearlong investigation found that Elliot physically assaulted his former girlfriend on 3 occasions. Here’s to hoping the other 31 NFL owners can convince Jones that going to bat for a man who hits women, isn’t the hill he wants to die on.


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