It’s been two days since Johnny Manziel’s interview on Good Morning America and all I keep seeing are people questioning Manziel’s intentions with the interview. A lot of people say he’s lying, faking, that his remorse is bullshit, and that it’s all an act. What kind of bullshit people are so jaded and pessimistic that they can’t even take a second to at least consider that Johnny is being 100% honest with us?

Why do people automatically jump to the “he’s a lying bastard” kind of lazy “hot takery” that I keep hearing from multiple media outlets, locally and nationally.

Why, when this dude sits down for an interview and seems incredibly remorseful, genuine, and apologetic, do we as a society sit back and essentially try to tell him, “No, fuck you” without even giving him a chance? The only thing Manziel is truly guilty of is partying so much he screwed up his own life. A life he’s trying to fix.

Yes—he has dismissed allegations of domestic violence against him, which he was punished for. Domestic violence is a serious, serious offense and if the allegations were true then I’m glad he was punished for it, but JOE FUCKING MIXON IS PLAYING THE NFL RIGHT NOW! There is video evidence of him punching a woman square in the head and people fought tooth and nail about his right to a “second chance” at playing football. So why does everyone want to deny that from Johnny?

Greg Hardy threw a woman onto a bed of guns and slammed her up against a wall, but he was still allowed to go play football in Dallas.

So obviously that’s not something that tends to keep people from getting a second chance in the NFL.

There are some people who are saying that Johnny is lying about having Bipolar Disorder.¬†When someone cries out for help and acceptance, and admits to having a mental disorder, why are we all so quick to call “BS” on them? If someone breaks an arm we’d all run over and help them out immediately, but the second someone claims to have legitimate issues going on inside of their head we tell them, “Ah suck it up and get tough. That’s not real”—just because we can’t SEE the problem.

If you’re that person, you need to do some research and reading. I have dealt with the effects of Bipolar Disorder my entire life. My mom has suffered from being Bipolar since I was a mini-Beard and I can tell you, without a doubt, that it effects every moment of every single day for everyone involved with that person. There are some good times, but there are a lot of bad, dark times and it can be incredibly difficult for someone suffering from Bipolar Disorder to cope with the effects of the disease, most especially if they weren’t already medically diagnosed and going through treatment.

Johnny Manziel doesn’t just need a comeback, he deserves one. If he has really cleaned up and truly wants to make it into the NFL, who in the hell are we to mock him for it? We’re all just a bunch of “nobodies” pretending to be a bunch of “somebodies” because we talk about sports. We think that makes us “cool” and “important”, but it doesn’t. We’re different than you sitting at home reading this right now. We have no right to say whether he deserves a second chance, or whether he’s lying or not, we can only give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he does with this next shot.

I, for one, am pulling for him to succeed and you should be too. Because at the end of the day, you would want a second chance, wouldn’t you? We all deserve a second chances, don’t we?




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