9-29-19 4:25 ET CBS – Jaguars at Broncos (-3) O/U: 39

There comes a time in every franchise’s existence they start to question their own mortality. Welcome to Denver, the world of suck.
If you live by John Elway, you will die by John Elway. And that has been true for the Denver Broncos since they didn’t draft him in 1983. Was Joe Flacco a mistake? Is paying 23 million dollars for a below average quarterback who doesn’t solve any problems a mistake? Depends on who you ask. If you ask John Elway or anyone who currently has their head up Elways rear end, NO. If you ask anyone else… yes. YES IT WAS A CATASTROPHIC MISTAKE.

Will the Broncos lose to yet another quarterback that was taken extremely late, but still found his way into the NFL eco system due to hard work and diligence? Gardner Minshew’s stat line and 70s porn stache would suggest YES. But the Broncos defense… sorry wait… no… But the Broncos secondary… wait, no… the Broncos pass rush… uh… run defense? Shit…

Take the Broncos… and the under… I’m here in Denver and I can’t afford to lose any more social equity in this town by being honest. (take the Jaguars)

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