How much longer will Jason Garrett be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys… That’s the painful question every Cowboys fan and every person watching one single snap of NFL football is asking themselves…
Let’s go back in time to the 2010 season of Dallas Cowboys football shall we? When (then Cowboys Offensive Coordinator) Jason Garrett,  took over for Head Coach Wade Phillips after he was given the axe after getting off to an abysmal 1-7 start to the season- and was named interim Head Coach in his place. Now, as OC, JG led the Cowboys to becoming the 2nd best offense in the entire league— which obviously made him a sexy head coaching prospect… Hey! I for ONE was one of the FIRST people to want that to happen! Guilty as charged right here! I mean, why WOULDN’T anyone have wanted that to happen in our little 2010 football hearts! Here’s Jason Garrett, with one of the best football brains and football minds, with a football acumen that’s off the charts! The dude is an Ivy league grad from Princeton for godssakes and he managed to pull some stuff out of his QB helmet as back up quarterback when he actually PLAYED for the Cowboys in the 90’s! Shout out to you, 1994 Thanksgiving Day game versus the Packers, where JG led his team back for the comeback win, making that the fourth-best moment in the history of good ol’ Texas Stadium… RIP… Listen I GET IT! I GET WHY PEOPLE WANTED RED JESUS TO TAKE OVER!
BUT, I digress- back to why Jason Garrett is STILL in that head coaching seat for the Dallas football Cowboys. Exactly… WHY. What other job do you know of where you could (for the most part) be mediocre with MAYBE one or two anomaly flashes of success and your boss would be like COOL! Not only do we wanna keep you around FOR THIS PREMIERE POSITION OF ONE OF THE MOST GLOBALLY NOTABLE FRANCHISES, but HEY, IT’S 2015 AND WE WANNA LOCK YOU IN FOR 5 YEARS AT 30 MILLION BUCKS! SIX MILLION BUCKS A YEAR FOR ZERO SUPER BOWL WINS STILL AND CONTINUED MEDIOCRITY. AND THE COACHES THAT ARE BARELY PAID HIGHER THAN YOU HAVE AT LEAST SNIFFED THE POST SEASON EVERY YEAR IF NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL.
Want painful pudding truth in booger eating football stat numbers? Here ya go- and I’ll even give JG the 5-3 record he inked his first half season as interim head coach. I’ll give him that one since it wasn’t a full season. BUT 2011: 8-8, 2012: 8-8, 2013: OH WOULDN’T YOU KNOW HERE WE GO 8-8 AGAIN.. until OH 2014, we’re looking at 12-4, then 4-12 in 2015… THEN LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE UNICORN QB DAK PRESCOTT takes over and in 2016, under JG, the Cowboys are 13-3 and the entire city of Dallas is planning Super Bowl parade routes… Then, 2017 happens and JG’s team goes 9-7 and in 2018, the Cowboys manage to go 10-6 and make it in to the post season after sitting at 3-5 in week 9 of the regular season!
And still the running joke after ALL of these years is that… there is literally NOTHING Jason Garrett can do to lose his job as Head Coach so long as Jerry Jones is the one in charge of it all. Like we could ALL find out that Jason Garrett has bodies buried somewhere and Jerry would STILL be like, there is no better coach to represent the Dallas Cowboys than Jason Garrett…
As it stands, here we are, NFL off-season 2019, and Jason Garrett is still the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. The fact that JG didn’t get a contract extension and is in the final year of his deal STILL doesn’t sway us, the jaded. The one’s who have painfully lived through some of those awful Cowboys seasons. And while some people still want to live in the fantasy world of Jerry MAYBE moving on from JG, don’t get too excited…. Jerry was at the NFL Combine and he’s not giving ANY notion that he’s ready to move on from The Red One.. in FACT, to quote Jerry in his own words:
“I do my best work without a net. I really do. I’m better with a little risk involved. In essence, there’s a little bit of no net here. He is not in danger of having any issue with his credibility with his players or anybody else. It’s well known, the support I have for him. No one breathing wants him to win and win big more than I do, and we haven’t done anything here with what we have done or haven’t done relative to contract. Hopefully that can come together, we get him a Super Bowl and he’ll be maybe the longest-tenured coach in the history of the Cowboys.” We get him a Super Bowl… (smirk)
Yep, so there you have it folks. There’s your answer. It doesn’t matter what YOU or I think should happen from our living room couches, playing futon quarterback while yelling at our TV screens through our beer and pizza induced outbursts… It looks like one more season of Jason Garrett, conservative, vanilla, predictable, callable, coaching style.
And you don’t have to even be Tony Romo to foresee what happens with that.
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