Everybody’s favorite dysfunctional NFL franchise was back at it on Tuesday night for episode two of “Hard Knocks” with the Cleveland Browns.

The episode mostly chronicled the misadventures of rookie wide receiver Antonio Callaway, a mega-talent out of Florida who fell to the fourth round as a result of some character concerns.

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Callaway was pulled over prior to the first preseason game and cited for driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana, which is not exactly a galaxy brain decision when you already have a reputation as a bit of a ne’er do well.

So how did the Browns punish him? Naturally, they gave him the classic “you’re going to play every offensive snap against the Giants” treatment.

Wait, what?

The Browns punished Callaway by playing him the whole game on offense, which he used to his advantage and torched the Giants secondary to the tune of 87 yards, including a 54-yard touchdown from Baker Mayfield.

This is supposed to be a punishment? Here’s what Danny Woodhead, one of the grittiest players ever and “Hard Knocks” alum had to say:

If I were a scout team receiver on the Browns desperately trying to get snaps, I would just be doing everything in my power to rack up misdemeanors.

“Oh, you think you can just jay walk across the street like that? Guess what, buddy, you’re starting on Thursday! Say hello to the 53-man roster, jailbird.”

It’s further proof that nothing the Browns do as an organization makes any sense.

Other highlights from episode two included Corey Coleman starting the episode by complaining about getting demoted to the second team and subsequently getting traded.

We also got to spend some time with backup tight end Devon “Juice” Cajuste and his dad, who had recently suffered his third heart attack and still made it out to see Devon practice and catch a few passes against the Giants.

The whole segment was a nice foray into the impact dads can have on their kids and their outlook as it pertains to any profession, especially athletics.

Episode two left off teasing Tyrod Taylor’s return to Buffalo this week, setting up what could be an interesting storyline to follow in next weeks’s episode.

Stray Thoughts

  1. Cajuste and his dad bird-calling each other was both entirely bizarre and heartwarming.
  2. Carl Nassib got called out for his psuedo-financial advice and acted like a total meathead. You don’t have to work at Goldman Sachs to realize you’re not getting a 10 percent rate on compound interest.
  3. I preferred Gregg Williams when he couldn’t speak.
  4. Apparently Odell Beckham is friends with everybody in the league.
  5. Less Nassib, more Brogan Roback, please.
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