• There were only 4 deaths in the episode but each one was brutal in it’s own right
  • Jon and Dany, aka Aunti Bae, are getting closer to consummation more than ever, but distance between is going to delay things a bit so we’re still keeping our eyes on #IncestWatch2017 for now
  • Dany gives the best “bedroom” eyes we have ever seen in our entire lives. If Emilia Clarke wasn’t everyone’s favorite actress on the show before this episode she should be now.
  • Poor Jorah Mormont makes it back and is just stuck watching Dany practically undressing Jon. #Friendzone4Lyfe
  • Arya thinks she’s a sly little trickster but Littlefinger isn’t someone to underestimate. He’s leading Arya into a fight with Sansa to keep their bond from growing.
  • Josh thinks Arya and Sansa have a plan to make Littlefinger think he’s the one doing the manipulating so they can catch him in a trap.
  • Gendry is back after Davos went to gather him up. Stefen thinks Gendry purpose is to be kind of a poetic “sacrifice” that will give his life to save Jon because their fathers would have done that for each other.
  • Josh thinks Gendry was brought back with a bigger, more important purpose… To be the one to forge Valyrian steel again.
  • The real suicide squad has ventured outside the Eastwatch wall and it’s an odd pairing of guys that all hate each other in some way.
  • Who will die? Kerry thinks Davos will die, Stefen thinka Gendry will die saving Jon, and Josh thinks everyone but Jon, Gendry, and Davos will die.


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