We here at FANTOM take our sports seriously (no we don’t) and we wanted you all, our audience to know how invested in this Super Bowl match up we really are. That’s why we as a staff decided to bring you our FANTOM Super Bowl Predictions.

We take football more seriously than we do anything else in our lives. Wives, children, mistresses, girlfriends, & other inconsequential family members take a back seat when it comes to our lives as “football guys”. So we’re all looking forward to this powerhouse match between the New England “OMG they’re in the *&^%*&# Super Bowl Again” Patriots and the Philadelphia “Do you seriously think we can win a championship” Eagles.

Here are some of our FANTOM Staff well thought-out, hard hitting predictions for the big game and we swear, they are ALL very serious:

Zack Rosenberg, The Big Boss of FANTOM: Justin Timberlake will beat both teams by a combined 9 points. (Gotta love JT)

Ari Temkin, Director of Content of FANTOM: Pats 24-14 Because Nick Foles’ Super Bowl was the NFC Championship and because Tom Brady doesn’t like to be called a cheater. 

Sean Kenner, Host of The SKOL Report: 27-17 Patriots; Danny Amendola wins SB MVP with 9 catches for 88 yards and 2 TDs.

Michael Jason from Edge Of Philly Sports: Predicting 30-24 Eagles. Nelson Agholor wins Super Bowl MVP. (I mean they’re from Philly, what did you expect him to say?)

Stefen Mazzone, Co-host of The Nerd It Up Podcast: Lakers win it 2-1. Gretzky bats clean up in the 9th and scores 2 FGs at the 18th hole. (Freaking nerds…)

Tom O’Brien, Director of Sales for FANTOM: Pats, 34-21. Brady MVP. Gronk has 2 TDS. LeGarrette Blount with an inopportune fumble that changes the game. (Translation: I am a Patriots fan so my obviously biased opinion shouldn’t be taken into serious consideration)

Ken Manubay from Picking Duck Sports: 31-21 Pats… Brady’s gonna be Brady. Experience wins. the public loses on Super Bowl and the public loves Eagles.

Joshua Beard, Editor-in-Chief of FANTOM (Me): 32-32 to end in the very first ever tie in the Super Bowl. Nobody is crowned champion and the general football audience as a whole finally gets a win from this terrible, terrible NFL season. (Best prediction of the bunch)

Let us know what your prediction is in the comment section below! 



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