FANTOM is how today and tomorrow’s audience watch sports. The explosion of viewing content online has blown apart the traditional idea that there are only a handful of shows that people will watch. There is no more 8PM primetime.

FANTOM is here to show that it’s not just about the five major leagues that are on ESPN and Turner, but that fans want more. They are eager to discover new sports and events, like Ultimate Frisbee, AND they want the stories behind it. From YOUR perspective.

We encourage people to be, #InThisToWitness. Sharing the sports they love in a way no one else can. From the scene with an emotion only a FAN has for their teams.

In the next ten years, FANTOM will change the way we view sports, bringing a global, and unique perspective, while making these programs social, mobile, and whatever comes next first.

Ready to join us?

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