The TJ Carpenter Show: TJ wonders how in the hell Jason Garrett is still coaching the Dallas Cowboys. It seems mind boggling considering he’s basically done the bare minimum over the course of the last decade to keep his job.

Has Garrett been anything for the Cowboys beyond a mannequin who claps?

Garrett’s job status has remained an odd situation considering most Cowboys fans are okay he’s still employed because they got rid of Linehan. Perhaps instead Cowboys fans are okay with it because he’s a lame duck head coach who doesn’t have a contract beyond next season. Should we expect the Cowboys to be much different next year with Kellen Moore as OC and Linehan gone? Remember, the same head coach remains in place.

Can the Cowboys actually be considered Super Bowl contenders if Jason Garrett is still the team’s head coach, because it seems like there are very few ways in which Garrett genuinely makes the team better.

In the traditional sense professional sports functions with a standard hierarchy: Owner, GM, Coach and Player, however LeBron James really skewed that hierarchy. The authority and power of the player has never been more convoluted. With that in mind, would the Cowboys actually be better off without a head coach? If Dak Prescott has enough leverage to exceed Garrett in power, than why do you even need Jason Garrett as a head coach?

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