Chiefs fans are that lone fly that buzzes harmlessly around your kitchen. You allow it to exist as long as it doesn’t get too cocky and land on you or your food. But once it does, you grab that swatter and just flatten it.

Seth Keysor, a writer for The Athl*tic (sorry, no free ads), tweeted about how the Chiefs have beaten the Broncos in five straight regular season games.

Seth must have been feeling himself after this one. Sick brag, my guy. Also, “how great they used to be?” The Broncos won the Super Bowl two years ago and have had one (1) losing season. We’re not exactly Bears fans that won’t let go of 1985. We can’t all be like the Chiefs, reveling in the ongoing glory days of losing to the Titans at home in the Wild Card Round.

To be honest, though, I have to respect it a little bit. When you’re a Chiefs fan, I imagine you have to take what you can get just to fend off the crippling nihilism that must come with knowing that you’re gonna get bounced from the playoffs in humiliating fashion every January after winning the annual Regular Season Championship.

Here’s the thing though, if you’re going to take a shot at the Broncos, you best not miss.

Or else, beware the wrath of Andrew Mason:

That’s all it really takes. What can you say if you’re a Chiefs fan? I know you are but what am I? I’m rubber, you’re glue?

To quote Mr. Blonde inĀ Reservoir Dogs:

Image result for are you gonna bark all day little doggy

Just for fun, I’m gonna list some notable things that have happened since the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl.

  1. The end of the Vietnam War.
  2. All three Godfather movies.
  3. Disco.
  4. The Soviet-Afghanistan War.
  5. The advent of the personal computer.
  6. Most Chiefs fans’ births.
  7. The fall of the Berlin Wall.
  8. The dissolution of the Soviet Union.
  9. 9/11.
  10. The Broncos winning three Super Bowls.

Please though, enjoy the regular season victories. Lord knows the Broncos had seven straight against Kansas City before they realized winning a championship held more weight than beating up on some slavery-compromising, barbecue-sauce-drinking, playoff-choking nobodies and their afterthought of an NFL franchise.

It may be 1,029 days since the Broncos beat the Chiefs, but it’s been a lot longer since that counted for anything.

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