Zeke stopped against the rams

Whether or not the Cowboys season would be considered a success is up for debate. What isn’t is  how the Dallas Cowboys fan react after losing the Rams in the divisional round of the playoffs.

You watched, you know what happened. After beating the Seahawks, the Cowboys faced off in a virtual home game in LA against the Rams. Close to 40% of the stands were Cowboys fans.

The offense was hated. The defense was porous. The Rams won 30-22 and it wasn’t even that close.

It still stings

Calls for Jason Garrett to be fired picked back up

Can’t blame the fans. They showed up in force!


Who didn’t show up in force? Zeke.

Is Scott Linehan the fall guy? Is he one the first to go?

What about Rod Marinelli?

Anyone think he’s to blame? The Rams did rush for 238 years. 123 from CJ Anderson who looked like he was 100 lbs over playing weight and a 7.2 yards per carry average from Todd Gurley.

It does seem the fan base is rallying around Dak.


What is your take on the season? Who should go? Who should stay? Did the Cowboys find their franchise quarterback?

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