The Dallas Cowboys take on the Seahawks on Saturday… a team they have an interesting history with. In fact, this will be a redemption story.

The Playoffs are ALL or NOTHING

The last time the Cowboys met the Seahawks in the playoffs was January 6th 2007. the Cowboys entered quest field led by young upstart quarterback Tony Romo who had led the Cowboys to a 6-4 record and into the playoffs.

And on this day, Romo came to play and marched the offense into a chip shot field goal and the Cowboys had victory in the playoffs in sight.

…how crazy is this?

Pretty fucking crazy Al Michaels. Craziest of all is that the game is only 12 years old and it looks like it was filmed with a camera someone bought at radio shack in 1978. Romo went on to have a great career, but has always been haunted by this moment.

Romo would forever be known as a choker even though his numbers were always pretty good in the fourth quarter minus a key interception here and there. And the worst part, there was still a minute left in the game so Romo had to sit there and stew in his own shame for quite some time in front of millions of Americans.

It was the second most shame he’s ever felt in his life. The most coming after he dated Jessica Simpson.

Romo Remembers

The Cowboys have redemption on the brain. It’s been 12 years since the Cowboys lost to the Seahawks in the face of sure victory. America’s team is out to avenge the oversized sleeves of Tony Romo and also that time they lost in 2012, and in 2015, and also again in 2017 and of course this season too… when they lost. Look their recent record isn’t the point here… The point is that the Cowboys are going to make up for all those losses right?

The It is finally time for the Cowboys to defeat the Seahawks in the playoffs. They’ve got Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper and Cole Beasley… best known for his role as Raping Murderer number 3 in the off off off off Broadway rendition of Game of Thrones.

And don’t forget Leighton Vander Esch, who has been so good he made everyone but Jerry Jones forget Sean Lee is a person.

It is time to redeem the Cowboys playoff legacy, avenge the shame Romo brought upon himself and America’s team, and beat the Seahawks in the playoffs!

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