SHOW TIME with Ari Temkin on Tyler Eifert and would he be a good fit for the Cowboys offense.

There’s simply no doubting Eifert’s talent and ability, which is why the Bengals made him the 21st overall pick in 2012 draft. Eifert had a career year in 2015 with 52-receptions, 615-yards and 13 touchdowns. He was, exactly as he was projected to be, a red zone machine.

However, since his breakout season in 2015, Eifert has been limited to just fourteen total games and six touchdowns in three seasons. He has missed 34 out of a possible 48 games in the last three seasons.

Eifert injured his ankle in the 2016 Pro Bowl, which cost him 8 games in the ensuing season. He was placed on IR in December 2016 after lingering back issues. His 2017 season was cut short after two games due to those same back issues. He signed a one-year contract with the Bengals last offseason, then broke his ankle during a week four match-up against Atlanta.

If Eifert had been able to stay healthy, he’d be looking at a big money deal, but since he hasn’t, the market on him will be limited. There seems to be very little risk in signing Eifert, and with his size, athleticism and thirteen touchdown campaign in ’15, a potential for high reward. The Cowboys are interested, per multiple reports.

Eifert is also the brother-in-law of Cowboys RG Zack Martin.

The Cowboys have a need for an athletic, over the middle TE. The modern NFL leverages these types of targets as match-up nightmares for linebackers in coverage. When healthy, that’s exactly the skillset Eifert possesses. However, taking a risk on a guy like Eifert, shouldn’t convince the Cowboys to pass up on TE in the upcoming NFL draft.

The TE position is deep with prospects and Eifert’s injury riddled past suggests the Cowboys need a viable back-up plan at the position, and with apologies to Blake Jarwin, he’s not the answer.

Jarwin represents the old guard TE. He can block and also go out and catch passes. Modern offenses necessitate a guy like Eifert, an extra receiver, whose size and athletic ability make him a menace down the seam.

Jarwin played exceedingly well in 2018-2019, given his obvious limitations, but that shouldn’t make the Cowboys feel content at the position. Go out and sign Eifert when the cost is low, if it works out, you’ve got a TD machine in the red zone at below market value. However, protect yourself against injury, and still invest draft capital into the position.

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