What a ride this year has been for Cowboys fans. Especially as no team has ever made the playoffs after a 3-5 start. Now, the fun part. We get to see Cowboys fans react to making the playoffs!

Before we jump in let us look back at all that’s gone down. Jason Garrett has been on and off the hot seat virtually the entire season. With the most games coached in Cowboys history and very little to show for it.

Fans react to Jason Garrett

Instead they fired their offensive line coach:

So Jerry Jones moved to action, trying to secure the best talent for next season, he went out and traded for Amari Cooper. At the time, many felt that giving up a first round pick would be disastrous. “This guy doesn’t want to play football”, experts said.

Reviews were (umm) mixed(?):

Now people seem a bit more excited about it:

Now that the Cowboys finished 10-6, locked up the NFC East, and face the Seahawks in the first round, fans are showing their excitement.

How Bout Them Cowboys?!

What’s your prediction? Will the Cowboys advance? If they don’t is this season a failure?

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