The NFL just witnessed two of its most exciting games in league history on the same day, and all anyone can talk about is this handsome devil…

That’s right Tony Romo is the talk of the entire nation.

Well I guess we know how he feels about Mahomes. Somebody get Tony some paper towels. I wonder how Tony feels about Pollo Campero. Angry Orchard hard apple cider. That edible Jim Nantz gave you right before the game. What about that thing that she will only agree to do on your birthday.

No one wants to hear your crackpot theories you Brooks Brothers mannequin… we want Romo. Romo as OC, Romo as HC, and Romo as DC in KC… because he was the only one in Kansas City who seemed to know what the Patriots were doing on offense.

Could Tony Romo be the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach? ESPN’s time traveling BeeGee, Will Cain seems to think so.

That’s right, the only one who can reign in Jerry Jones is Romostradamus. But of course not everyone agrees. In fact professional person middle aged white guys hate Terrell Owens said on twitter Romo explaining the game from the booth is a lot different than being in the action. Which is true. The number one difference, you don’t have to do anything when you’re in the booth. Which it turns out is exactly the same as being a coach.

Why wouldn’t Romo want to be a head coach? It’s not like he works minimal hours is handsomely compensated and universally beloved… CBS just doesn’t appreciate what they have. But Cowboys nation will. That’s why this needs to happen. Before Jerry Jones tries to put Kellen MORE-Garrett in charge of calling plays.

In Mavericks news, Rick Carlisle explained why his team lost to the Milwaukee Bucks even though Luka Doncic had a triple double.

That is the saddest Jim Carrey has looked since eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. It’s pretty clear that the Ricks need some better playmakers to compliment Doncic… also some rebounds would be nice. And Defense. And someone to pass the ball to Doncic. Also, Dirk is going to need a live-in nurse as well… and hospice care for a 20 million dollar seven-foot german dude ain’t cheap.

In more NFL news, the controversial no-call in the Saints Rams NFC Championship game has sparked major controversy across the nation, many fans and angry gamblers are suing the NFL. There is no shortage of outrage nationwide. Of course these court proceedings will include character witnesses which is not good news for New Orleans who as we all know is a city with a drinking problem. There was also that time they tried to kill Brett Favre. But this kind of egregious error cannot go unpunished. Especially when the opposing team is throwing it in your face.

That angry old woman is right. Totally unprofessional of Todd Gurley to swap jerseys with an official. And it turns out… to make matters worse, Todd Gurley didn’t even actually do that. So not only is Gurley a ref sympathizer, he’s a dirty dirty liar too. We cannot tolerate such tomfoolery in the NFL. If there’s anything that can never be allowed in the National Football league, it’s a sense of humor.

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