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We are FANTOM, a soon-to-be-launched digital network that will be the voice of the next generation of sports fans. It’s a big, bold, badass statement that we aren’t taking lightly.

Here’s the thesis. Sports have become too commodotized around a handful of sports and events and leave a lot of sports fans yearning for more. It’s impersonal and unobtainable to attend or participate in the way WE want to. Is FANTOM on the right track? Have you been nodding the entire time you’ve been reading this?

Our experience has allowed us to broadcast national events for some of the biggest names. It’s a thrill, but not the dream, so here is what I’m proposing that will help you get there faster.

– Create content within a national platform and up your visibility
– Top performers will be awarded their own weekly show and up your earning potential
– Lead where everyone else has followed and be recognized for your talent