The Cavs lost Game Three of their Eastern Conference Finals, 111-108 and FANTOM’s Chris Manning was on hand for a postgame report.

–It’s fairly obvious why the Cavs lost…LeBron James played his worst game of the postseason, and the Cavs don’t have much of a chance when LeBron plays that poorly.

–If LeBron is average  during Game Three, the Cavs win. He was considerably worse than average.

–When you are up 21 in a playoff game and you are a championship caliber team, you shouldn’t lose.

–Why did the Cavs lose? A lack of effort and more importantly a lack of LeBron James.

–It was obvious the Cavs had no energy in the second half.

–Boston’s winning bucket from Avery Bradley came because he was wide open after JR Smith missed an assignment.

–It’s obvious, but it’s worth noting that as the offense initiator, the Cavs aren’t going to win when LeBron is off. They cannot manufacture offense when LeBron is not cooking.

–Perhaps the greater point in all of this is how tiny the Cavs margin for error truly is. Losing a meaningless game to the Celtics when it’s clear the Cavs have been far and away the better team in this series is one thing, but against a team like Golden State, the margin for error is slim.

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