If you like holding penalties do we have the team for you! The Denver Broncos led by Garett Bolles, who has never met a defensive lineman he didn’t want to hold, fell in week 2 to the Chicago Bears 16-14. Bolles was whistled for five holding penalties during the game against the Bears on Sunday, and it should have been six, but a sixth was incorrectly credited to someone else. After the game Broncos new head coach Vic Fangio said of Bolles: “He needs to do a better job of listening to the explaining.” Simply stunning. That’s probably not something you want to say of a veteran offensive lineman, but here we are.

Despite all of these holding penalties, the Broncos were STILL in position to win the game, but Big Brother NFL called an egregious Roughing the Passer penalty. If we’re being honest, Roughing the Passer should really should be called, inconveniencing the QB, because it seems to be much more of an inconvenience than roughing, especially throughout this game.

The Broncos are 0-2 and Bears are 1-1, but it feels like the real losers here are the people who watched the game!

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