Athletes born between June 16th though June 22nd

You ever wonder when your favorite athletes were born? I have.

I started looking for a list of Athlete’s birthdays. Imagine my surprise when I came cross an interesting fact. Finding a full, good list of athlete’s birthdays is more difficult than you would think. Especially in the age of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram it should be an easier task, right?

When I googled “athlete birthdays” I usually found a top 10 or 15 list. That’s cool. Except, every list is practically the same. Boring.  

So, we here at FANTOM are creating full list of athlete birthdays.  You can see our other weeks of June: 1st-7th and 8th-15th to see who was born then.

Here is the list of athletes born during the third week of June.

June 16:

June 17:

June 18:

June 19:

June 20:

June 21:

June 22: