July is the first full month of summer.  This list covers the 23rd through the 31st, the last week of the month.

When I started looking for a list of Athlete’s birthdays imagine my surprise when I came cross an interesting fact. Finding a full, good list of athlete’s birthdays is more difficult than you would think. Especially in the age of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram it should be an easier task, right?  Well, it wasn’t.

Most lists I found were famous actors/actresses; along with “youtubers” and “instagram” famous people.  When I googled “athlete birthdays” I usually found a top 10 or 15 list. That’s cool. Except, every list is practically the same. Boring.  

We started with the month of June.  You can check those lists here:

Here are the other lists of athletes born during July.

I’ll be honest with you.  This last week of July was a real surprise.  There were a lot of athletes and famous people born during this time.  I was practically overwhelmed, but I endured for you benefit.  In that, let’s check out this final week of July, here is the list of athlete’s that were born during that time.

July 23:

July 24:

July 25:

July 26:

July 27:

July 28:

July 29:

July 30:

July 31:

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