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Chatting now with New York Empire captain Sean Keegan on the upcoming season.

Posted by FANTOM on Friday, April 7, 2017

What we learned right from the get go, was the excitement is mounting. Like anyone would be the day before their first game of the season. Luckily we were joined by NY Empire Captain, Sean Keegan of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) who gave us a great preview of what to expect before the upcoming season. For those who aren’t quite familiar with the AUDL, many of you know the sport as Ultimate Frisbee.

Today starts a new season and the New York Empire have high hopes of bringing home the Championship. While they have perennially been to the Final Four, there is one team that has constantly been holding them back. Here are the 4 thing we learned from Sean.

  1. The Toronto Rush is the New York Empire’s biggest rival. They have a lot of talent and over the last few years have been one of the biggest reasons they haven’t won it all. Fittingly, it’s also who they will be playing in the season opener on home turf at Randall’s Island in NYC. You can also catch it and every home game right here LIVE on FANTOM.
  2. He learned the trade at the University of Delaware where he found a BIG community of players and led to his lifetime passion of playing in the Ultimate Disc League.
  3. While Ultimate doesn’t have a “kickoff” as there is no kicking, they do have their first pole. Both sides lineup and the disc meets the middle to begin the game.
  4. The 2017 season will be the difference maker. Management, the team, the leadership will make this year different than years past. He believes they can bring a championship home to New York. We do too!
  5. Bonus: He’s a Strawberry Blonde and not a Redhead.

Catch every New York Empire home game right here LIVE on FANTOM. That includes today’s home opener against the Toronto Rush at 4:30pm EST.

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