4Josh Allen, Wyoming

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Completion Percentage: 56.3 %

Touchdowns: 16

Yards: 1,812

Interceptions: 6

AY/A: 6.9

Best Fit: Cleveland Browns

Worst Fit: Denver Broncos

His touchdowns and yards are troubling; his low completion percentage and AY/A are major red flags. They show that while he can hit on the deep passes, he is not consistent with the mid-level throws every quarterback must be able to complete in the NFL. Imagine Aaron Rodgers without his back shoulder fades, Tom Brady without his deep crossing routes to Gronk, Drew Brees  . . . you get the idea. He has to get better at the mid-level throws or else NFL defenses will play back and be able to pick off his deep balls. It can be hard to hold his numbers against him since he played at Wyoming and the talent around him put him at a disadvantage when compared to the other quarterbacks in this year’s class. There are drops on the tape; not enough to excuse the numbers. 56.3 % is a scary, scary number for a senior. I thought on paper he looked like, at best, a second rounder. 

And then I watched the Senior Bowl tape. The touch he put on his touchdown passes was a thing of beauty. He also clearly has an absolute cannon. His arm was much, much stronger than I thought. Any defense would have to respect it and any coach would covet it in a quarterback. It’s still going to be a while before he’s ready to step on the field . . . like a really, really long time. With that in mind, the Browns are the logical fit (a rarity in their line of work). They were 0-16 last year, so if he wins literally one game in his whole career, he’ll have improved their team! On a serious note, he does belong on a team in the middle of a complete rebuild who can sign an AJ McCarron to hold down the fort. Conversely, Denver is a poor fit as they can’t wait for him to be ready. They’ve already wasted years waiting for Paxton Lynch to take over the job, they can’t start the whole process again while maintaining the core of the league’s best defense (sorry, Jacksonville).

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