5Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

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Completion Percentage: 70.5 %

Touchdowns: 43

Yards: 4,627

Interceptions: 6

AY/A: 12.9

Best Fit: New York Giants

Worst Fit: Cleveland Browns

I have serious reservations about his character. Not so much the arrest for public intoxication (what college kid hasn’t been intoxicated in public?), more his actions against Kansas (there’s being “passionate” and there’s grabbing your crotch, cursing at an opposing coach . . . the difference is in no way subtle). I also have reservations about the offensive system he played in because he rarely took snaps under center. The numbers on the field, however, speak for themselves. His tape? Yeah, that also speaks for itself. He has the quickest release I’ve seen in a long time. He has great pocket presence and when looking at the tape, you can see him go through his progressions before he runs. The most impressive thing to me is his ability to hit the intermediate throws. It shows that despite his size (which is marginal at best) he can put the ball where it needs to be in the ever important mid-level of the route tree (crossing routes, 12 yard outs, etc.). Being able to complete 70 percent of your passes at an average of almost 13 yards per throw is impressive. At this point even I (someone who despises the spread system) stop caring about the system you played in. 

Of all the quarterbacks in the draft, Mayfield is the only one I would even consider playing in his rookie year and that would only be on a team with a strong running game, like the Broncos. I hope this does not happen as he would benefit from a year on the bench learning a pro-system (even the basics like calling plays in a huddle). With that in mind, the Giants would be the best fit. He could sit behind Eli for a year and his quick release and accuracy could make him deadly in Pat Schurmer’s West Coast attack. Cleveland would be a terrible fit as it would lead to relentless Johnny Manziel comparisons at the slightest hint of controversy.

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