10 Cities Where the AAF Should Put Teams


11. 10 Cities Where the AAF Should Put Teams

On 20 March 2018 it was announced the Alliance of American Football has plans to create a new professional football product.  Amoung the plans announced were:  Media broadcasting via traditional television and online streaming, an integrated version of fantasy football and some unique rules of the game.
However, the mention of where the teams in this alliance would be playing wasn’t shared, but would be announced soon.  They did say there would be 8 cities/teams each playing 10 games.  Since no cities were announced I decided to throw in my 10 nominee cities for this alliance of teams.
My breakdown is in 2 groups: The East Alliance and the West Alliance.
Each city listed will have have the estimated metro population, any local/area professional teams, and the Gross Metro Product with the ranked Cost of Doing Business according to Forbes.  The point is to make money, so go where the money is, right?
The gross metro product is the monetary measure of value for all final goods and services produced within a metropolitan statistical area.  More money equals more probability of success.
The cost of doing business refers to all the expenses incurred by a firm or a sole proprietor in producing and selling goods or services.  The higher the ranking; the more costly it is to do business.