With some of the best athletes who ever lived on this list, perhaps you should teach your kid to be left-handed. This despite only 12% of the population being southpaw.

Speaking of southpaw, here’s where the term came from. While typically used in the realm of boxing, it originated in baseball. See Chicago’s West Side park was oriented so that a pitcher would have been facing south while on the mound. The term was coined in 1880.

Building this least is no easy feat. Each in the Hall of Fame (or will be) for their respective sports. Below are 10 of our favorites. Feel free to fight us in the comments if you disagree.

10) Bill Russell

9) Manny Pacquiao

8) Phil Mickelson

7) Steve Young

6) Rafael Nadal

5) Sandy Koufax

4) Lionel Messi

3) Ken Griffey Jr

2) Wayne Gretzky

1) Babe Ruth

Bonus: Larry Bird

So, he’s not left-handed. Then WHY is he on this list? During a game in 1986 he decided to solely use his left hand and save his right for the Lakers game coming up later that week.

Larry Legend then went on to score 47 points. Read that again.

Who are we missing?

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